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The best way to weld stainless steel

As we know, stainless steel is one of the most widely used and corrosion-resistant materials, not only because of its resistance to oxidation but also because of its resistance to external agents.

However, one of the keys to achieving a better resistance and a perfect finish lies in the way it is installed and the way stainless steel is welded.

Before you start
As all physical work involves risks, as with welding and construction work, we must look after ourselves and take care of our own safety. This is why it is always recommended to use a protective device to help our safety be taken care of at all times.

This is why we recommend that you wear suitable protective equipment at all times, such as welding gloves, a protective face shield, welding clothing and special boots.

How do I weld stainless steel?
Once you already have the right welding equipment that will protect you from any inconvenience or arduous work that can be done on behalf of welding a material like stainless steel, we present you with some suggestions to get a welding technique that will improve your process.

1. Pre-cleaning process
Before you start welding, it is important that you clean the surface well, so much for the work and the metal of the stainless steel.

If our environment and workplace is clean and tidy, then external agents that may remain in the weld, such as dust, metal fragments or welds, will not continue to adhere to the metal, nor to the weld itself.

Clean steel, on the other hand, will always be synonymous with more efficient welding techniques. Use a brush capable of removing any external debris to ensure that your parts are joined correctly.

2. Pre-welding
Secondly, secure the parts to be welded with a fixture or mount, such as wood or other pieces, which will help to keep your pieces from moving during the welding process.

This will give you greater precision, they won’t move when you secure them and you will end up doing double duty while ensuring that the finish and function of the material itself will be more effective when the job is all done, ensuring a longer life for the product.

Many people may skip this process as it may seem more laborious, but it is always important to ensure our joints are secure and avoid extra effort or waste.

3. The heating process
The heating process refers to the welding itself, which is the most critical process. First of all, you must heat the part to be joined; a simple flame will suffice. The area must be preheated before the rod is used.

The opposite joint must be heated, if you do it the other way around you will heat the flux and solder. When you see brown bubbles, it is time to apply the wire or rod. Once the wire has movement and fluidity, then it is time to remove the wire itself from the stainless steel.

4. Removing the flux
Any remaining flux must be removed to avoid damage and to make it more aesthetically pleasing. To do this, we recommend that you use hot water and with the help of a wire brush to remove as much flux as possible.

Flux is corrosive and dangerous to the workpiece, which risks making the oxidation process of stainless steel faster, which is why it is important to eliminate it.

5. After cleaning
Once the minimum time has elapsed and the solder and metal have dried and hardened, you can clean the solder and such parts again. We recommend using the same brush as for pre-cleaning.

Some people also recommend painting the surfaces of the solder as they can often leave the finish, blackened or burnt, which detracts from the overall aesthetic. A little spray paint is sufficient.

The reason the welding process is important when finishing a job or building in materials and stainless steel finishes is that you shouldn’t take it lightly.

Practice makes perfect, and the more you have the opportunity to practice welding, the quicker you will become an expert, making your work faster and in such a way that the welding is not even noticed.

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