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Life cycle of stainless steel and its recycling

Have you ever wondered what the life cycle of stainless steel is? The answer is simple. It is estimated that over 22 billion tonnes of stainless steel have been recycled in the world since 1900, and it is likely to increase even more.

In other words, the life cycle of stainless steel and its recycling go almost hand in hand. It is important to remember that sustainable management requires less mining and more recycling activity in secondary production.

This has led to a whole new industry with a great deal of interest in the recycling and life cycle of materials such as stainless steel. As we already know, stainless steel is used in different industries and for different purposes.


Global steel production and consumption

Did you know that the current production of stainless steel has increased by 0.4% this year? What is even more surprising is that China produces more than half of the total global tonnage.

The most common uses of stainless steel during its life cycle and its recycling are: metal products, construction and infrastructure, transport manufacturing, household appliances and industrial machinery.

Today, these figures have only increased, but overall stainless steel is a valuable source of raw material and has always been potentially recyclable.


The life cycle and recycling of stainless steel

All types of stainless steel have a high degree of durability and a long service life. In fact, they can take many years to be recycled. The average lifespan of stainless steel itself is 20 years, but there are cases where it may reach 100 years or more.

An example is the iconic Chrysler Building, which opened in 1930. One of the first high-rise buildings in the world to use metal on its exterior, its 60-metre dome is clad in stainless steel and it will be 100 years old in 2023.

For its part, stainless steel has a very extensive life cycle, from its production to its transformation and use, stainless steel enters and leaves the system, always giving it more use or, in any case, submitting it to recycling or waste management.


Which countries recycle more stainless steel?

The recycling rate of stainless steel is the amount of metal scrap that is used to produce new stainless steel. In any case, 32% of new stainless steel is made up of recycled stainless steel scrap.

On the other hand, 12% of carbon steel scrap is also recycled. New stainless steel is 44% scrap, 32% stainless steel and 12% carbon. Thus, in many parts of the world, the recycled material of new stainless steel is higher than 44%.

On the one hand, Europe produces 70% of recycled stainless steel. On the other hand, China 23%, the USA 71%, Asia 66% (excluding China) and others 44% (including Russia, Ukraine, South Africa and Brazil).

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