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Main Applications Of Steel Pipes

Steel tubes are strong, robust and durable. They can be round, square or rectangular in shape. Steel tubes usually contain aluminium, manganese, titanium and tungsten. These tubes are easily used in a variety of applications and industries. Millions of tonnes of steel tubes are produced each year.

Steel tubes can be welded or seamless. Seamless tubes are manufactured by passing liquid steel through a rod to form a hollow tube. Welded tubes are made by bending plates and welding joints. In the past, seamless tubes were stronger than welded tubes. Today, however, thanks to advances in technology, welded tubes can be used for many different types of applications.

In the domestic and industrial sectors, steel pipes are widely used. In industry, these pipes are valued for their strength and ability to withstand extreme changes in temperature, pressure and destructive elements. Domestically, steel pipes are used for domestic appliances and gas piping. If you look behind your fridge, you may notice a small steel pipe.

Below, Tisco Steel introduces you to some of the most common applications for steel pipes.

Construction and engineering
The steel tube construction and engineering industry uses hollow structures. These structures are part of the shape of the steel tube and, as mentioned above, they can be round, square or rectangular in shape.

Rectangular tubes are commonly used for welded steel frames and can be positioned in any direction. Those with square and round shapes are often used as columns.

In the construction industry, metal scaffolding made of steel falls within the industry standard. They are quicker and easier to assemble as there is no need for nuts and bolts. Steel scaffolding makes it very easy to transport workers and heavy equipment.

Automotive industry
The automotive industry has been using these steel tubes in large numbers since the 1990s.

Precision steel tubes are mainly used for the internal parts of vehicles such as suspensions, fuel injection and inside vehicle controls.

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