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Three Industries That Revolutionised Stainless Steel

Research into plastics and polymers has opened up new markets for their use. However, plastics have their limitations and metal is still a better choice for other applications. Because stainless steel was produced first, it has been perfected and has found more applications. In addition, its strength and corrosion resistance make it an important element in many industries. You can see it used anywhere; and it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been with us forever. Some industries benefit from stainless steel more than others. Here, TIsco Steel will highlight a few for you.

If you go to a large city and look at the skyline, you are sure to find a building with a stainless steel facade. This metal provides the building with a beautiful appearance and has the strength to help stabilise the structure it covers. Buildings such as the Chrysler in New York and the Savoy Hotel in London have used stainless steel to amazing effect. In addition, as the price of stainless steel has fallen, the material has been used in less prestigious buildings. However, the stainless steel you don’t see on the building is just as important as the decorative finishes on the outside. The pipes, beams and reinforcement in the building ensure the longevity of the building.

Construction – Steel – Stainless steel

Stainless steel has become very popular in the medical world due to its very high strength and corrosion resistance. Different types of stainless steel have been adapted for various uses, taking advantage of their special properties. Stainless steels with a high chromium content and corrosion resistance are often used as medical implants and are also used to manufacture various types of surgical equipment. However, high-carbon stainless steels are the preferred choice for surgical cutting tools. This is because they are harder and more likely to stay sharp. Doctors, nurses and dentists all over the world know that stainless steel instruments are the best they can have.

Stainless Steel – Medicine
Whether used in the medical field, in storage, in the kitchen or for transport, the hygienic properties of stainless steel are second to none. Walk into an operating theatre and you will see stainless steel everywhere, as will the kitchens of restaurants and hotels. If chemicals and foodstuffs need to be transported, they are done so in stainless steel tankers. Stainless steel is still the first choice for the storage of hundreds of products, especially pharmaceuticals, where stainless steel has a very low reaction factor to drugs. Stainless steel is not only highly resistant to corrosion, it is also easy to clean. These properties make it easy to keep bacteria and germs away from surfaces. It is therefore a reliable hygienic material for use in a wide range of industries.


As the price of stainless steel has fallen since it was first produced, it has been accepted by manufacturers of a wide range of products, from paper clips to cookware. Some industries benefit from its properties more than others, but as consumers we all benefit.



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