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Today’s steel price

Today’s steel price

1. The National Press and Publication Administration issued the “Development Plan for the Publishing Industry in the “14th Five-Year” Period”

The State Press and Publication Administration recently issued the “Development Plan for the Publishing Industry in the “14th Five-Year” Period”, which clarified the guiding ideology, basic principles, target requirements, key tasks, and safeguard measures for the development of the publishing industry during the “14th Five-Year” period, and described the development of the publishing industry. Blueprint and work direction. The plan proposes that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the publishing industry should focus on high-quality development, deepen supply-side structural reforms as the main line, promote reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force, and focus on more outstanding works to meet the increasing needs of the people. Increasing demand for learning and reading is the fundamental purpose, to provide the people with more substantial, richer, and higher-quality publishing products and services, and to promote the publishing industry to achieve better quality, higher efficiency, stronger competitiveness, and greater influence The development of China has laid a solid foundation for building a powerful publishing country.

2, Russia’s international reserves hit a record high

According to RIA Novosti citing news from the Central Bank of Russia, during the week from December 17 to 24, Russia’s international reserves increased by US$4.2 billion to US$635 billion, an increase of 0.7% from the previous month, setting a record high. The previous record of Russia’s international reserves was 626.3 billion U.S. dollars, which reached this level on November 19 and December 17 this year.

3. Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.: In 2021, a total of 304 million yuan of asset impairment losses need to be accrued for related production lines

Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. announced that it is true and accurate for the company’s large-scale plant’s medium-sized line 580 production line, large-scale plant large-scale line 800 production line, low orders, low output, low yield, high labor costs, high energy consumption and continuous losses. Reflecting the company’s asset status and operating results, and consolidating asset quality, the company plans to make provision for asset impairment on the 580 production line and 800 production line. In 2021, the company will need to withdraw a total of RMB 304 million in asset impairment losses for the 580 production line and the 800 production line.

Three, phase snail analysis

snail 2205 night trading closed 4287 down 33. Daily lighten up 41,000 lots, Bollinger Band closes, approaching New Year’s Day, the mood of the capital side tends to be tense, and the disk volatility is small. The daily K-Yang line closes mainly, and the spot market demand is mainly based on demand. Future snails support 4250, and the pressure level is 4620. , It is recommended that Qingcang mainly celebrate the holidays

Fourth, Tisco steel market dynamics

1. Building materials: [Closing] On the 30th, the price of Hegang’s third-level seismic snails in Beijing market was 4,530 yuan/ton, down 20 from the previous day; Shanghai market Shagang’s third-level snails was 4,710 yuan/ton, down from the previous day 10; Guangzhou Shaoguan Steel’s third-grade snails are 4990 yuan/ton, down 30 from the previous day;

【Forecast】: On December 30, the national thread spirals will see steady ups and downs. According to Fubao statistics, 29 of the 52 sample cities were operating smoothly, accounting for 55.77%; 3 cities rose, accounting for 5.77%, or 10-50; 20 cities fell, accounting for 38.46%, or 10-70 . In terms of the market, the overall transaction situation today is slightly better than the previous few days. The market price is relatively chaotic. Resource households in some areas stepped on the market price. Terminal demand is still sluggish. The trading atmosphere in the market is deserted. At this stage, the supply and demand are weak, and the winter reserve game Leading the market alternately with the improvement in macroeconomic expectations, it is expected to maintain a steady, weak operation today. The main influencing factors of Fubao’s analysis are as follows: 1. The small note data is bad; 2. Terminal demand continues to be sluggish; 3. More agents are more cautious

It is estimated that the price of Hegang Group III seismic snails in Beijing market is 4,510 yuan/ton, down 20 from the previous day; Shagang Group III snails in Shanghai market is 4,700 yuan/ton, down 10 compared to the previous day; Guangzhou Shagang Group III is Snails were 4960 yuan/ton, down 30 from the previous day.

2. Plates: At the close of the market on the 30th, the closing price of hot coils on the Shanghai market was 4900-4910 yuan/ton, an increase of 10 compared to the previous day’s price; the closing price of hot coils on the Tianjin market was 4700-4710 yuan/ton, a decrease from the previous day’s price 30; The closing price of hot coils in Lecong market was 4770-4780 yuan/ton, which was the same as the previous day’s price. In terms of the market, the national hot-rolling market has seen steady ups and downs, and market sentiment is relatively weak. South China took advantage of the early-market trend of futures to open up, but high transactions were weak, downstream replenishment enthusiasm was weak, and overall transactions were average; today’s hot-rolling is expected Prices stabilized and adjusted weakly.

3. Strip steel: On the 30th, the national strip steel was weak and stable, the leading steel mills in North China remained stable, and the mainstream narrowband in Tangshan remained stable. The overall transaction was light. Demand was weak, transaction performance was biased, East China and South China remained stable and weak, and trading performance remained poor. Considering the limited demand for downstream replenishment, it is expected to continue weak and stable today.

4. Profiles: The mainstream prices of models on the 30th are running steadily. The off-season effect is obvious, the demand continues to be weak, the downstream prices are obviously lowered, the inventory pressure of the merchants is not great, the mentality is not good, and the transaction atmosphere is average. The steel mills’ guidance prices for Maanshan Iron & Steel and Anshan Baode have remained stable, and the Tangshan Rolling Mill continues to implement the environmental protection and production restriction policy, and the finished product inventory has bottomed out, which has certain support for the mold price. It is expected that in the short term, prices will remain stable and wait-and-see.

5. Pipes: On the 30th, the pipe market declined steadily. The willingness of the market to stock up is still not strong. Businesses generally take a wait-and-see attitude towards the holidays, and purchases are mostly on-demand. Some tube factories still maintain unsaturated production, and some specifications are still in short supply due to upstream supply constraints. The sentiment of manufacturers is more obvious. In the late afternoon of the day, the snails dived, and the cost continued to decline. It is expected that the pipe market will stabilize and weaken today.

6. ​​Billet: On the 30th, Tangshan billet reported steady at 4270 yuan/ton. At present, the local and surrounding steel mills in Tangshan and some surrounding steel mills reported 4270 yuan/ton for normal carbon billet, all including tax. Yesterday, the black series of snails continued to fluctuate higher on the daily trading day, and the mentality of traders was firm. At present, major steel mills are at a low inventory level, giving certain support at the bottom of the price, superimposing the cost-end price rebound, so the billet mills are in a strong sentiment, but considering that downstream production has not resumed, the overall demand for billets is still weak , The price of billet is expected to remain stable in the short term.

7. Iron ore: On the 30th, the iron ore closed at 674 in the night market. The internal and external markets of the iron ore were divided. The iron ore of Singapore once rose by more than 2%. The increase is now slightly narrowed. The iron ore of Dalian Commodity Exchange opened lower at night. The final harvest was stable. The current iron ore port inventory is still higher than the level of the same period last year, and the spot supply is still in a loose state.



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