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Where you can use hot rolled steel plate?

Hot rolling is a basic production process for making steel. Its surface and strength are lower than cold rolled steel plates. While, because of its economic and high ductility, many customers choose it for business manufacturing. And you can apply it for some projects, which do not have strict needs on the surface. Especially, there are many heavy industries utilize it. It is useful for some projects, which do not need tighter tolerances.

  • Vehicle building. It is a suitable material for automobile. Generally, the car chassis and underbody components often apply hot rolled steel sheets for manufacturing. Besides, for some structural components, you can also use the hot rolled plate. It has great stamping performance and welding performance.
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturing.Hot rolled steel sheets has high strength and good formation. You can use it for making some components and crawler bars of agriculture equipment, such as tractors, harvesters and so on.
  • Structural components making. For example, it is applicable for fork truck parts, crane rail joint bars, etc.
  • Bridge and infrastructure construction. It is applicable for you to making grid decking and expansion joints by using hot rolled steel plate. Making railroad tracks, D-bars, insulated and steel bars in construction is the most popular application.
  • Further processing it for business selling. After pickling, it can eliminate the oxide surface. And then you can oil the pickled steel plate. It has similar properties with cold rolled type steel sheets. But its price is more economic. Thus, the pickled hot rolled steel is good material for instead of cold rolled steel in some applications. Besides, it is applicable for you to add some special content. So that the hot rolled steel sheet can be better corrosion resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance. It is suitable for making containers, special vehicles, etc.



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