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What Is Stainless Steel Plate: Features And Benefits

Stainless steel products do not stain, corrode or rust as easily as products made of ordinary carbon steel. They are also highly resistant to corrosion and impact, not to mention their aesthetic appeal.

In addition, stainless steel is anti-bacterial and easy to clean and disinfect. For example, stainless steel sheets are a perfect solution for kitchen applications that require a durable metal with rust-resistant properties.

In the following TIsco Steel article we will provide you with more information about the characteristics of stainless steel sheets and how they can benefit you.

What is a stainless steel sheet?
A stainless steel sheet is a metal plate made from an alloy of steel and chromium. Although the thickness of stainless steel sheet may vary, it is generally thicker than plate or aluminium foil but thinner than sheet metal.

Most sheet metal can be slightly flexible or can be bent by hand, which is not possible with sheet metal. On the other hand, although sheet and plate sound like the same product, they differ in terms of thickness and durability.

Stainless steel sheets are thinner, typically less than 6mm thick, and are used for residential and light construction applications or applications that do not require as much strength.

Sheets are 6 mm thick or thicker and provide the tensile strength and durability required for storage tanks and other heavy duty applications.

What are stainless steel sheets typically used for?
Features of stainless steel Benefits Uses

Due to their relatively attractive appearance, stainless steel sheets are used for decorative or structural purposes. They can be applied to a wooden base to form a worktop or table. They are also popular in kitchen backsplash finishes.

Many appliances and machines are clad in stainless steel sheets, such as car chassis and aircraft frames. Metalworkers use sheet metal to create artwork and architectural elements.

Manufacturers of electronic equipment rely on stainless steel sheet when constructing cladding for equipment and some operating elements.

Other typical uses of stainless steel include.

-Food processing and handling
-Storage tanks
-Heat exchangers
-Electrical enclosures
-Chemical process vessels
-Building and construction
-Marine components and equipment

What grade of material are stainless steel sheets made from?
Although there are many types of stainless steel sheet design, most fall into one of three basic categories. 304 stainless steel sheet is the most commonly used and the most economical.

In contrast, 316 stainless steel plate is the most expensive version of stainless steel plate but offers a high level of strength and corrosion resistance.

Finally, 410 stainless steel sheet is the most basic and is generally used in the production of cutlery and kitchenware.

What finishes can a plate have?
Features of stainless steel plates Benefits Finishes

Buyers can choose from smooth or textured stainless steel plates in finishes ranging from polished to hinged or matt. Plates are usually cut to size by the fabricator and shaped with a bending machine or other metalworking tool.

The thickness of the sheet is expressed in terms of gauge. The higher the gauge level, the thinner the plate.

Benefits of stainless steel sheet
One of the main benefits of stainless steel sheet is its high resistance to corrosion and rust compared to other types of metal. This quality allows stainless steel to withstand marine or piping applications where ordinary carbon steel would rust.

Some people may choose stainless steel sheet because it has an attractive finish or because of its versatility in terms of shape and bending.

In some applications, stainless steel sheets may not be everyone’s first choice. They are more expensive compared to carbon steel. What’s more, plates with a polished surface are difficult to keep clean and can attract grease and fingerprints. However, their quality and durability are unparalleled.

Where to buy stainless steel sheets
At Tisco steel, we respect the AISI standard in the manufacture of stainless steel sheets. We offer cold rolled, annealed and descaled (known as matt) stainless steel sheets. You can also find mirror, industrial and satin-finished plates.

The grades we work with for these products are.

304 Stainless steel palte
304L Stainless steel plate
310 Stainless steel plate

316 Stainless steel plate
316L Stainless steel plate
430 Stainless steel plate



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