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What are the uses of stainless steel tubes in industry?

As experts in the manufacture of stainless steel tubes, today we would like to talk about the importance of steel tubes in industry and in the daily lives of all of us, as they are widely used in both industrial and domestic environments.

Stainless steel tubes can be manufactured in two different ways, either by welding two parts together or by passing molten steel through a boring bar with the aim of creating a hole in the tube.

Depending on the application, different lengths and thicknesses can be manufactured. They range from the most basic and strictly functional models to tubes used for decorative or artistic purposes.

They can be round, rectangular, square …… These materials are very versatile and often contain alloys of different metals such as aluminium, titanium, tungsten or manganese.

For industrial use, the manufacture of stainless steel tubes is highly valued for their resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures and extreme pressures as well as destructive elements.

Another advantage that has been taken into account is the low production costs of this material. In the domestic sector, they are used in the operation of domestic appliances or gas pipes, for example.

Advantages of stainless steel pipes

They are elements with a low level of corrosion, as they maintain a rust-free appearance for many years, even if they have to carry water internally. The rate of contamination of this metal in water is practically non-existent.
Aesthetically, stainless steel tubes are a revolution in interior and exterior decoration, bringing an industrial and modern look to rooms.
They are recyclable, which means that when they are no longer in use they can be melted down and reused as new metal parts
They have a very long lifespan, being able to remain intact for more than 20 years.
They are resistant and robust and can withstand scratches and weathering perfectly.
Stainless Steel pipes are highly resistant to solvents and stainless steel has a higher flow rate per unit diameter mass than other materials, achieving savings in pipe costs without sacrificing flow rate.

What are the most common applications?
1. Construction and energy
2. Industry and machinery
3. automotive industry
4. Household appliances
5. Furniture
6. Interior and exterior decoration
7. Aircraft, military and aerospace industries
8. Medical devices

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