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What affects The quality of the surface of 304 stainless steel sheets

You grasp what is left in the quality of 304 stainless steel plate surface?

Before the guys are also talking about the advantages of the past stainless steel plate 304 products, the fact that 304 stainless steel plate in addition to having a good tensile a stretch, corrosion resistance is also a high wear-resistant most of the characteristics of industrial equipment, also has a high-quality appearance, that is to say, 304 stainless steel plate appearance of the colour is beyond the specified a high degree.


But need to pay attention to in a manufacturing process is due to the operation steps with unscientific or well-prepared work is not yet done, it will reduce the smoothness of the 304 stainless steel plate.


The oil content of the emulsion is too high is one of the primary causes of harm to the surface quality of the stainless steel tube.


Emulsion it is in the cold rolling mill operation production manufacturing, stainless steel plate when a solution is needed for the smoothness of the stainless steel plate is also to have a very important role in the cold, but the emulsion contains an oil component, high temperature oil will be cracked into carbon.


The oil in the emulsion is in the experience of high temperature or into carbon if you can not remove as soon as possible, will accumulate goods with 304 stainless steel tube a surface, cold rolling will be formed after a print pressure.


Due to the emulsion within its oil content a lot, after the maintenance of the inner wall of the maintenance hood of the tempering heat treatment will go to cause carbonization accumulation in the maintenance of the inner wall of the hood, in other production processes, such carbon black will be sent to the surface of the 304 stainless steel plate parts, which will cover the surface of the 304 stainless steel plate endanger the quality of appearance.


After a long period of processing work planning, the widely known heaters are also furnace road will also accumulate a lot of oil, carbon black is also dust and other stains, if I am not easy to eliminate on time, the same will also fall into the stainless steel plate surface.


In fact 304 stainless steel plate chemical composition is also have surface gloss, and production processing geological structure is also have elimination level is quite big relationship, only to immediately will to widely known hair heaters, cookers and maintenance cover inside wall to eliminate the natural environment clean and tidy, can go to intermittently improve the surface of the 304 stainless steel plate a quality. Keep the surface of the stainless steel tube elimination can effectively go to enhance the use of stainless steel tube period, will save costs, cast a very big practical significance.




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