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TISCO: Stainless steel applications in different industries

Stainless steel coil sheet applications are.
A. Application of stainless steel coil sheet.
1, the automotive industry.
Stainless steel coil not only strong corrosion resistance, but also relatively light weight, therefore, is widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry, for example, the car shell requires a large number of stainless steel coil, according to statistics, a car needs about 10-30 kg of stainless steel coil, and the United States of America’s cars need 40 kg of stainless steel coil.

(1) Exhaust system with stainless steel, most of the ferritic stainless steel, is the most used parts of automotive stainless steel. According to the different parts of the exhaust system, the structure of the components, gas temperature and corrosive environment are quite different. Therefore, in addition to the automotive exhaust system requires stainless steel materials with high-temperature strength and high-temperature oxidation resistance, but also requires its high-temperature corrosion resistance, thermal fatigue characteristics and other properties. 409L, 436L, etc. are commonly used stainless steel grades.

(2) automotive frame with stainless steel. Stainless steel manufacturing combined frame is the most important feature is the stiffness, stainless steel to ensure a high enough weight ratio and strength, but also has good toughness, plasticity, formability and weldability. Combined car frame design and the excellent performance of stainless steel materials, it will enable the manufacture of cars with good impact resistance, light weight, high safety and reliability and long life, in addition, such a frame can be completely recycled. 409L stainless steel plate, 3Cr12, 304L stainless steel plate are commonly used stainless steel grades.

3) Automotive decorative stainless steel. Some other exterior parts on the car in addition to the function it should have, but also has a decorative function. Manufacturers use stainless steel inserts in small cars, antennas, wheel covers, etc., in large buses, vehicles, handrails, safety rails, hanging hand bars also use stainless steel, off-road vehicle protection bars, etc., can reduce costs, but also bring beautiful decoration.
Now some of the big international brands of cars are beginning to use stainless steel coil as the structural material of the car, which can not only greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle, but also greatly improve the service life of the car. In addition, stainless steel coil in the bus, high-speed rail, subway and other aspects of the application is becoming more and more widespread.

water storage and transportation industry.

Water is easily contaminated in the process of storage and transportation, therefore, the use of what material storage and transportation equipment is very critical.
The storage and transportation of water equipment made of stainless steel coil as the base material is currently recognized as the most hygienic, safe and efficient equipment for the water industry. At present, the production and domestic water storage and transportation of sanitary requirements and safety requirements are getting higher and higher, the traditional material storage and transportation equipment can not meet our needs, so the stainless steel coil will become an important raw material for the production of future water storage and transportation equipment.

in the construction industry.
Stainless steel coil this material is actually the earliest application in the field of construction, it is an important building material in the construction industry or the production of raw materials for building materials. The decorative panels of the exterior walls of buildings and interior walls are generally made of stainless steel coil, they are not only durable, but also very beautiful. With the continuous development of interior decoration, stainless steel coiled sheets are increasingly used as decorative materials in the home decoration industry, various appearance of stainless steel coiled sheets can not only be used as the outer shell of the building, but also can be manufactured into a variety of decorative plates.

(A) the scope of application of stainless steel in the building

The durability of the exterior surface of the building (structure) exposed to the atmosphere is a very important factor in the design of the building. In many cases to ensure the normal use of its exterior surface maintenance costs are quite alarming, in some special occasions is almost impossible to do. So why not choose a durable and maintenance-free structural material when building? Stainless steel is such a material.

Stainless steel in the building is mainly used in some outdoor structures that should not be frequently cleaned (such as sculptures), the building’s outer pylons on the structure (roof and walls) and both decorative and force exposed structural components (such as decorative grids, etc.). At present, in some buildings with high anti-corrosion requirements on the structural members also use stainless steel (nuclear power and petrochemical systems).

There are many ways to deal with the corrosion of steel structures, the use of stainless steel is one of the simplest ways. Although stainless steel is not rust-proof, but has superior corrosion resistance. For some special applications where corrosion resistance requirements exceed plating (or inconvenience), stainless steel can be the material of choice. 304 stainless steel plate is the most commonly used, 316 stainless steel plate can provide even better corrosion resistance. Titanium-plated stainless steel corrosion resistance is better, it will be available, the most durable exterior envelope materials.

Stainless steel coil is not only used in the above two main areas, it is also used in the home appliance manufacturing industry. Like television sets, washing machines, refrigerators, the production of many parts of these appliances will be used in stainless steel coil. With the home appliance industry does not continue to boom, the application potential of stainless steel coil in this field has a lot of room for expansion.



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