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The first batch of iron ore passes through the port

The first batch of iron ore passes through the port

The 10,000-ton bulk carrier “Yonglong 1” successfully completed the unloading operation at HBIS Logistics Huanghua Port Company, and left the port in an orderly manner from the company’s No. 1 berth. Cangzhou Xinxing’s first batch of iron ore landed ashore, marking that HBIS Logistics and Cangzhou Xinxing’s vision of building a logistics hub for metallurgical deep-processing raw materials “from east to west” is gradually being realized. A new model of base construction.

Since the launch of “Hong Kong-Enterprise Cooperation”, HBIS Logistics has given full play to the advantages of HBIS Group’s entire industrial chain, actively coordinated with HBIS Mining Division and other companies, and has done a solid job in ensuring the source of iron ore supply; combined with the emerging production conditions in Cangzhou To meet the needs of ships passing through the port, make full use of the location advantage of HBIS Logistics Huanghua Port Company at the westernmost end of the waterway, reduce customer logistics costs, and continue to provide customers with accurate and efficient customized services; optimize ship berthing plans, communicate and coordinate with the maritime department to achieve The ship “arrives directly at anchor”; establishes a “three-way linkage” communication mechanism with customers and relevant agencies, opens up barrier-free channels for iron ore dredging, and realizes real-time management and control of the whole process of ship operations, stack management and transportation guarantee. Good material preservation and re-shipment and dredging work.

In order to ensure the purity of iron ore in the subsequent production and processing of customers, the company uses unloading funnels to unload ships and load vehicles, and conducts fog cannons throughout the entire process to suppress dust, so as to achieve “unloading and transporting of materials without landing”, which not only effectively reduces dust pollution, but also maximizes Minimize cargo damage and eliminate hidden dangers of material pollution. After 13 hours of intense operation, the company successfully completed the unloading and reverse transportation of the batch of iron ore, which was 15% shorter than the planned time, and realized the seamless connection of all production operations from the arrival of the ship to the departure of the port.



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