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Low carbon development trend of Chinese steel

Low carbon development trend of Chinese steel

1. Characteristics and stages of development of China’s iron and steel industry

my country’s iron and steel industry is the basic industry of the national economy. It is an important food for the industry, an important guarantee for construction, and an important support for the economy. It stably supports the high-quality development of the country’s manufacturing industry. As a typical technology-intensive industry, my country’s iron and steel industry takes technological innovation as the first driving force in the process of promoting its own development. After three technological revolutions, the gradual popularization of the integration of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent management and control will become the fourth time for the iron and steel industry. technological revolution. In recent years, my country’s iron and steel industry has launched a major “green revolution” with ultra-low emissions, implementing the world’s most stringent environmental protection emission standards, striving to build a low-carbon development model for the global iron and steel industry, and actively researching and practicing low-carbon smelting technology.

So far, my country’s iron and steel industry has become the most globally competitive industry in China, with good scale, good price, good product, good brand, good service “5G” competitiveness, making the world a better place; and has the largest and most active industry. Domestic demand market, the most complete and complete industrial system, the most and most abundant human resources, the latest and most advanced technical equipment, the fastest and most timely customer service. According to the analysis and judgment, my country’s iron and steel industry will lead the development of the world’s iron and steel industry for a long time, and the lead time span will exceed that of any country in the past, for a hundred years.

At present, my country’s iron and steel industry has entered a high-quality period, and is in the three-phase superposition stage of accelerating restructuring, strengthening environmental protection, and low-carbon development. It will be led by low-carbon and three trends of digital drive, technological revolution, and green collaboration will reshape development. new pattern. Under the guidance of the “dual carbon” goal, it is expected that the domestic medium and long-term steel demand will remain high and decline slowly.

2. The situation of green and low-carbon transformation of China’s iron and steel industry

Complying with the policy orientation of low-carbon development, although the task of low-carbon transformation of my country’s steel industry is arduous, it is imperative. As an important part of the carbon peaking action in the industrial field, my country’s steel industry needs to fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, do a solid job of double carbon, and strive to be the first to achieve carbon peaking. From a policy perspective, systematic and coordinated promotion of the entire industry chain should be strengthened; from a market perspective, the incorporation of the national unified carbon market should be accelerated, and coordinated with market mechanisms such as energy use rights and emission rights to give full play to the positive effects of market mechanisms such as carbon prices. From the perspective of path, top-level design should be done well, step-by-step carbon reduction actions should be carried out step by step, and a combination of high-quality pollution reduction and carbon reduction should be made.

In line with the guidance of environmental protection policies, by the end of 2025, the ultra-low emission transformation of iron and steel enterprises in key regions of my country will be basically completed, and the country will strive to complete the transformation of more than 80% of the production capacity. At present, there is still a large gap in the environmental protection level of domestic steel enterprises, and there is still a big gap between the production capacity of the announced enterprises and the completion of 80% of the production capacity in 2025. Therefore, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, my country’s iron and steel industry has a huge task to promote the control of air pollutants, and ultra-low emission work is still the focus. The direction remains unchanged and the intensity is not reduced. The ultra-low emission transformation of the iron and steel industry will still be an important starting point.

In line with the direction of industrial policies, the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Iron and Steel Industry” jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently proposed that the iron and steel industry will basically form a layout structure by 2025. Reasonable, stable resource supply, advanced technology and equipment, outstanding quality brand, high level of intelligence, strong global competitiveness, green, low-carbon and sustainable high-quality development pattern. my country’s iron and steel industry should take the improvement of innovation capability as the primary task, the optimization of the industrial structure as the main task, the green and low-carbon development as the key link, the resource guarantee system as the development foundation, and the improvement of supply quality as the industrial responsibility.

3. Green and low-carbon development trend of China’s iron and steel industry

Green and low-carbon development is not a simple energy saving and emission reduction, but an important issue of development rights and development methods. Development and emission reduction and carbon reduction are equally important. my country’s iron and steel industry must reduce carbon during development and develop while reducing carbon; it should do a good job of top-level design and scientifically grasp the rhythm; it should rely on scientific and technological progress to achieve scientific carbon reduction; it should focus on source reduction, process control and end-point governance; Accelerate the reduction of pollution, carbon reduction and efficiency in the long process of blast furnace-converter, which accounts for up to 90%.

From the perspective of specific paths, my country’s iron and steel industry should focus on six aspects to implement the task of green and low-carbon development: first, to promote green layout; second, to save energy and improve energy efficiency; third, to optimize energy use and process structure; fourth, to build a circular economy The fifth is to apply breakthrough low-carbon technologies; the sixth is to strengthen institutional construction and policy system support.



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