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Information for you to know 301 stainless steel sheet better

301 stainless steel is one type of the metastable austenitic stainless steel. It is similar with 304 stainless steel. Because their main ingredients are iron, chromium and nickel. However, the 304 stainless steel has more chromium and nickel contents than 301. Thus, it costs more. Among all the types of stainless steel, the 301 grade stainless steel plates have the best performance on cold working. Through cold working, it highly improves the strength and hardness of 301 stainless steel plate. The 301 sheets have wide application in many different fields. You can use it for food making machine, chemical equipment, etc. Besides, many customers utilize it for trains, conveyor belts, vehicles manufacturing.


What are the features of 301 stainless steel sheet?


It has excellent tensile strength. 301 types stainless steel has high carbon content. This is helpful for improving the tensile strength. Through our test, the 301 stainless steel plate can bear 120 kilopounds per square inch. It is higher than 304.

Stainless steel 301 is not suitable for heat treating. It is applicable for cold working. The cold rolling makes it have high hardness. And compared with some other austenitic stainless steels, it is more difficult for you to further process. Generally, it has no magnetic. While, with the cold working process, the magnetic will be higher and higher.

After the cold working, the 301 stainless steel will keep its plasticity and toughness. Meanwhile, its rust resistance is good. At the same time, its corrosion resistance is excellent when expousing in some mildly corrosive conditions under ambient temperatures. However, for your information, you had better not use it for some corrosion environment. Because its corrosion resistance is not so good in some chemical media such as acid and alkali salts.

The 301 stainless steel sheet is applicable for welding. You can use popular fusion and resistance techniques for welding. Especially, there should be ferrite in the weld deposit for avoiding the hot cracking during the welding process. And for your reference, the high carbon content makes the weld heataffected-zones be intergranular corroded under some conditions.

Why choose 301 stainless steel sheet for spring making?


301 stainless steel is popular and economic in the market. It has good corrosion resistance and excellent spring properties. You can use it for manufacturing fasteners, zippers, clips, computer parts, springs, stampings of various parts and so on. It is popular for making high strength room temperature springs. The 301 grade stainless steel has good ductility. The 301 stainless steel spring is mainly applied for some industries, which need high strength and corrosion resistance material. The stainless steel spring often be used for making valves, parts of fittings and pumps.

Making stainless steel spring, the material should be corrosion resistant, medium temperature resist and no magnetic. Meanwhile, when the spring produce is loaded, it should produce large elastic deformation. And then turn the mechanical energy into elastic potential energy. While, after the uploading, the deformation should disappear and returns to its original state and turning the deformation energy into kinetic energy. 301 stainless steel sheet can meet its needs.

Comparing with 304 stainless steel sheet, the corrosion resistance of 301 is not good as 304. But it is more suitable for making spring. At the same time, 301 stainless steel costs less than using 304 for making springs. Besides, the elasticity and fatigue of 301 are higher than both 304 stainless steel sheet and 302 type stainless steel plates. Especially, as a types of carbon steel, 301 stainless steel sheet has better mechanical properties than manganese steel. Thus, whether for the properties or budget, choosing 301 stainless steel plate is suitable for your spring manufacturing business.



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