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How to anneal cold rolled 304 stainless steel sheet will be soft

Cold rolled 304 stainless steel sheet annealed will drop in hardness problem.

1, the so-called cold-rolled plate, refers to the use of stainless steel material itself at room temperature, the plasticity of the rollers to apply enormous pressure after rolling into the finished plate.

2, the plate after cold rolling, due to the presence of obvious “cold stress”, so that the stainless steel plate to form an obvious surface strengthening effect, in the direct use of such a plate, feel the steel plate is very hard.

3, to the cold-rolled stainless steel plate annealed, due to the role of annealing, the surface reinforcement formed when cold-rolled disappeared (or commonly known as annealing to remove the stress of strengthening), also feel the original very hard plate became soft.

4, therefore, the annealed stainless steel plate will become soft.


304 as austenitic stainless steel, you refer to the annealing is to soften it?  304 stainless steel sheet can not be like ordinary steel after burning red insulation on the line, the temperature must reach 1000-1000 degrees quickly into the water cooling, or the hardness can not be reduced, remember: “must be water” oil can not! Also known as solid solution treatment. Otherwise your material will produce chromium-nickel element volatilization or precipitation. The material is out of shape!


When calendering, bright annealing can improve hardness and surface brightness; when making products, annealing can properly demagnetise and improve delayed rupture.


304 stainless steel sheet ductility cold-rolled and hot-rolled which is better


Cold rolling: is based on the processing of hot rolled stainless steel sheet rolled out, generally speaking, is hot rolled → pickled → cold rolled so the process. Although in the process because of rolling will also make the steel plate temperature, but nevertheless called cold rolling. Due to the continuous cold transformation of hot rolled and cold rolled, the mechanical properties are poorer…


What is cold-rolled stainless steel sheet?


Expand all cold-rolled coil is hot-rolled coil as raw material, at room temperature below the recrystallization temperature for rolling, including plate and coil, many domestic steel mills such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Anshan Steel, etc. can be produced. Among them into a sheet delivery called steel plate, also known as box plate or flat; length is very long, into the volume of delivery called steel strip, …


Calculation of the square number of rolled stainless steel sheet single surface square number of formula known: weight 11 tons, 0.5MM thick, 700MM wide, the formula for the square number of the entire volume of stainless steel sheet single surface


The density of stainless steel is 7.9 grams per cubic centimetre and the acceleration of gravity is taken to be 9.8 metres per quadratic second. The mass of the whole roll of stainless steel is:M=(11/9.8)*1000(g) Volume is:V=M/density=(11/9.8)*1000/7.9(cm3) Length is:a=V/(b*h)=((11/9.8)*1000/7.9)/(0.05*70)(cm) …


How to weld 304 stainless steel sheet?


Now in the stainless steel products industry for the welding of thin plates is not a good solution, many thin plates (0.2mm) in the use of argon arc welding will have deformation, edge biting problems, which is due to the high temperature generated by argon arc welding, the impact on the base material is too large. We can verify through analysis…


I should correct, what are the materials of stainless steel sheet? -What are the materials of stainless steel sheet?


Stainless steel sheet material, usually divided into: ferritic stainless steel sheet, austenitic stainless steel sheet containing more than 18% chromium, but also contains about 8% nickel and a small amount of molybdenum, titanium, nitrogen and other elements, good overall performance, can be resistant to a variety of media corrosion, and martensitic stainless steel sheet.


What are the common problems in the process of cold rolling stainless steel? -One.


One, the plate shape control problems two, rolling parameters set problems three, cold rolling process problems and many other kinds of problems. The range is too large. So it is best if you can ask just one of these questions. If you answer all of them you could write a thick book


How to weld stainless steel sheets


The welding process is generally manual arc welding. Butt joint Butt joint is the most common form of joint, according to the different forms of bevel, can be divided into I-shaped butt joint (no open bevel), V-shaped bevel joint, U-shaped bevel joint, X-shaped bevel joint and double U-shaped bevel joint. Generally, the thickness is below 6 mm, and it is used without beveling…

Stainless steel sheet welding method with a thickness of 0.5 mm –

Argon arc welding, micro beam plasma welding, laser welding, seam welding are all possible. It is not something difficult to weld. A detailed answer requires knowing what your piece looks like.


What is the surface treatment of work rolls when rolling stainless steel sheets? -The surface of the rolls in the cold rolling process.


In the cold rolling process, the roll surface is subjected to great extrusion stress and strong wear, high speed rolling, steel jamming, overburning, etc. will cause cracks on the roll surface, therefore, cold rolling rolls should have a very high and uniform hardness, a certain depth of hardening layer, as well as good wear resistance and crack resistance. Roll with good resistance to overburning, anti-cracking is to extend the roll…



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