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Discover the benefits of tinplate, the raw material for our packaging.

Today we extend a very special invitation to you to discover the benefits of tinplate. Tinplate is the raw material we use to make our packaging and we did not choose it at random.

It has many benefits, and very important ones at that, and for this reason we will highlight the four benefits that seem to us to be the most important.

It is also a major difference compared to other types of material used in the packaging industry, such as cardboard or contaminated plastic. Harmful to the environment.

The 4 main advantages of tinplate

Tinplate became a very popular material as soon as it appeared. Its low price and wide range of uses soon made it indispensable. Today it is a great choice for the packaging sector as it is one of the most environmentally friendly and recyclable products available.

#1. The origins of tinplate

Tinplate was first manufactured in Germany in the 14th century. Originally, it was simply a tin primer that was applied to iron to prevent it from rusting. Today, there are different types of alloys that give rise to tinplate, depending on its use. Tinplate used in the automotive industry may differ from tinplate used for packaging, as it does not need to have the same qualities. However, the advantages will be the same.

It usually contains steel and tin. As it is mainly made from recycled materials, including recycled tinplate, it is cheap to produce and has a low environmental impact.

#2. The benefits of using it

It is an economical material, easy to handle and very safe to use both for the production of resistant packaging and for packaging that comes into direct contact with food, which is essential for consumers. They protect the contents from impact and also from overheating or overcooling. They prevent the loss of aroma and make it easier for the consumer to open and close the can several times, thus preserving all the characteristics of the product well.

This is evident, for example, in coffee, tea or tobacco. Tinplate containers also prevent oxygen from entering the interior of the cans. If not completely, at least to a lesser extent, thus making products such as biscuits or cakes fresher.

#3. Second use of packaging

Tinplate containers are very attractive to consumers because they can be given a second life once the product they contain is finished. Many people buy products in tinplate packaging first and then buy other, cheaper packaging to refill the tins in which they are stored for better preservation.

In addition, many tins become collectors’ items or are sold already designed for future re-use, for example, to carry pencils or to store sewing tools at home.

#4. Recycled tinplate

All tinplate packaging can be recycled. It is separated from the other metals by powerful electromagnets and crushed, so that both tin and steel are separated in the process. The end result can be used to make tinplate again, saving an estimated 70% in energy and 40% in water compared to the cost of making tinplate from scratch.

However, steel can also be used for steel applications and tin can be used for copper production, and research carried out in 2006 showed that 40% of the steel used in the world comes from recycled tinplate.

Tinplate can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its properties and is one of the least expensive materials to collect and recycle, making it one of the most environmentally friendly materials.

The advantage of tinplate over cardboard is a longer life cycle, as the packaging is usually reused several times before being discarded, whereas cardboard packaging is disposable.

Sometimes you take the product inside out and throw it away as soon as you get home, as is the case with yoghurt containers, for example. In addition, it doesn’t lose quality during the recycling process, whereas cardboard can only be recycled a limited number of times.

Now that you have discovered the benefits of tinplate, you will surely understand why it is such a popular packaging material and why you have chosen it, Tisco steel is a professional is tinplate supplier. If you are interested in tinplate, contact us.



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