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Different types of sheet metal and their multiple uses

A sheet is a thin sheet of metal with different uses, of various thicknesses, generally from 1 to 12 millimetres, depending on the use and type of fabrication.

Presses are often used for stamping and punching by means of punches and dies.

All parts made from sheet metal are given surface treatments to prevent rust and corrosion, often using chrome plating, painting or galvanising.

There are different groups of metal sheets, including steel, aluminium, copper and zinc sheets. Depending on the project to be carried out, different types of sheet metal are available, which can be perforated with square or round holes, stretched mesh in different widths, smooth, sanded, and raw sheet metal.

Uses for each type of sheet metal
Metals are generally thought to be used only in certain areas or in connection with heavy machinery, which limits certain functions and needs for which metal can be used.

There are many designs and utilities that can be given to the metal sheets to develop your projects.

Perforated metal sheets
They can be used in decoration, furniture, soundproofing, filtering, as they have a great appearance and versatility, which makes them an effective and innovative alternative.

These sheets have different designs and shapes that are very resistant and highly durable, a characteristic that no other material can offer.

Perforated sheets are used in many places, for the use of machines and vehicles, in the electrical and food industry, civil engineering, architecture and for interior design.

Perforated sheets offer high strength, permeability and transparency, used as safety panels, grills, screens, filters, for cladding facades and balconies or partition walls.

There is a lot of information about perforated sheets that you will be able to find for industrial or decorative use, as their use is becoming more and more extensive.

Stretched mesh sheets
There are multiple uses, so it will depend on aspects such as aesthetics, functionality, requirements and the conditions of the project you have.

A significant feature of expanded metal mesh is that it allows visual effects beyond the surface of the cladding, as well as air circulation and ventilation, with modules tailored to the client’s requirements.

When the heat of the sun is to be softened, expanded metal mesh is often used and provides an excellent response to individual requirements.

The choice of the thickness of this type of stretched mesh sheet depends on the use to be made of it, both in the industrial and architectural areas, as it is a very versatile material with different effects, and adapts to the specific requirements of each project.

Smooth and sanded metal sheets
Perfect for creating wall cladding, flooring and even furniture, they are one of the most versatile materials for industry and construction.

They are mainly used in the automotive industry, household appliances, metal furniture, for manufacturing shafts and heating and ventilation devices, pipes, profiles and zingueria.

Different materials
Black iron: for the manufacture of welded pipes, pressure vessels, in the shipbuilding industry, for automotive parts and components, for the manufacture of welded profiles and for ironwork.

Galvanised iron:  this type of material is subjected to a hot immersion process coating the sheet with 100? zinc to prevent corrosion, mainly used in the automotive industry and household items.

Corten steel: it is a steel alloy with nickel, chromium, copper and phosphorus which makes it resistant to corrosion. It is used by architects, engineers, decorators and in industry as it is a material that changes continuously in the oxidation process.

Stainless steel: iron and chromium alloy with a very good corrosion resistance, they are a perfect solution when it comes to safety and hygiene. They are used in the automotive sector, in industry and in construction.

Aluminium: with good mechanical and corrosion resistance.

Insulation sheets: which are an excellent alternative in construction due to their high finish and durability, adapted to the needs of each application such as ceilings, partitions and walls, for industry and air conditioning.

Most metal sheets have a high carbon content and can be used in the construction or creation of everyday products, so it is important that you use the right type of sheet for the job you are doing.



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