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Are stainless steel buildings as durable as concrete buildings

Are stainless steel buildings as durable as concrete?
Many architects are moving away from traditional concrete to take advantage of stainless steel buildings. One of the most common questions is whether stainless steel buildings are as durable as concrete buildings. The answer is yes.

Here are some areas where stainless steel buildings are as or more durable than concrete buildings.

Wind resistance
Metal and stainless steel buildings are a wise design choice if the building is to be built in an area prone to high winds, such as at high altitude or in an area prone to snow storms. If designed correctly and suited to the particular climate zone, stainless steel buildings can withstand high winds of up to 200 mph. While concrete is usually wind resistant, it does not have the flexibility of metal and steel elements. This makes concrete more vulnerable to high wind speeds.

Fire resistance
Stainless steel is not only non-combustible and fire resistant in its original form, but innovative fire resistant coatings have been used to make it even more resistant to high temperatures. This will make your structure safer in the event of an emergency.

Maintenance costs
Although steel and metal buildings may initially be more expensive than concrete buildings, owners of steel buildings will quickly recoup these costs, and even more over the life of the building. This includes general building maintenance and energy efficiency.

Building maintenance: The high-tech finishes of stainless steel buildings require little or no annual maintenance. Sunlight or weather-resistant paint coatings have extended warranties, and a conventional non-corrosive coating on a metal roof can last up to forty years. This can save hundreds of thousands of soles in the first decade alone.
Energy efficiency: Stainless steel buildings are energy efficient from start to finish. The components of these buildings contain a high percentage of post-consumer recycled material, which can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. Special metal roof coatings can help reduce solar heating in hot climates or maximise solar heat in cold climates. These simple energy saving features will reduce heating and cooling loads, which will protect your HVAC system from unnecessary wear and tear. This will result in lower utility costs.
Durable design elements
Because the steel is so strong, the building can be designed to span a width of 45 metres without being obstructed by any steel beams or support poles. This allows the building to enjoy free flowing internal space without having to hide or incorporate unsightly support columns and walls, which is a necessity in concrete buildings. It also makes it easy to add or change the interior design as the needs of the business owner change.

In addition to the durability of steel buildings, pre-fabricated and pre-fabricated buildings allow the building to be up and running in a matter of weeks or months. Once the building is complete, the exterior design is up to you. Stainless steel buildings can be designed with attractive facades to attract visitors and passers-by, using a variety of colours or decorative stucco to achieve the look you want.



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