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304 stainless steel coil production of surface treatment technology

Stainless steel coil production of finished products are mostly used in the chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, paper, atomic energy and other industries, and even in kitchen utensils tableware, vehicles, construction, household appliances and other components have its figure. The following Hengchangda for you to explain the stainless steel coil production when the surface treatment of several processing techniques.

1.8K processing

Stainless steel coil production surface processes include mirror processing, the most common of which is 8K cold-rolled surface grinding processing. Nitric acid and iron oxide red 8K grinding process because the equipment is not expensive, therefore has a cheaper price.

2. Titanium

Stainless steel coil production processing of the finished product was earlier used in titanium decoration, and is widely used in lift panels and architectural decorative materials.

3. Oil grinding and cold rolling

304 stainless steel coil production can be added to the oil grinding process, which can highlight the decorative properties of the finished rolled plate. Oil-ground rolled sheets are widely used in household appliances, lifts and architectural decorative panels. The cold rolled stainless steel coil production process usually plays a prominent role after the grinding has been qualified. There are also some marketed 304 stainless steel coil manufacturers offering hot rolled stainless steel grinding process, which is equivalent to cold rolling mill.

4. Dry grinding and drawing

The most common on the market is the long and short wire processing of stainless steel coil production. 304 stainless steel manufacturers of goods for surface treatment processing, will allow the finished stainless steel has a better decorative effect, to meet the general decorative requirements of customers. The processing technology of dry grinding and drawing is prepared. Therefore, most 304 stainless steel manufacturers will have to provide fine wire, short wire and long wire plate surface processing.



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